August 24, 2009

My Life Novel Meme

If you have a blog you are tagged..........

1. If my life were fiction it would be set in...Middle Earth, most likely Rohan, let's not get picky that Aragorn's wife is not from Rohan........ she is visiting (is Middle Earth fictitious???).

2. Right now I would be wearing...a long flowing dress with long flowing sleeves and a red sash (in fiction an almost 9 month pregnant woman can wear a sash that drapes beautifully).

3. The biggest crisis I would be facing would be...dealing with Grima Wormtongue... and anxiously waiting for Eomir to be found and returned.

4. My biggest joy would come from...seeing Gandalf rid my good friend King Theodan of the demons and casting out Grima followed by my beloved Aragorn gallantly arriving to make alliance with the friends his wife is visiting.

5. The most frustrating daily challenge would be...making sure the children make their beds and put their swords and bow 'n arrows away.... there is no worry about keeping the bathroom (walls) clean as there isn't any indoor plumbing (yay!)

6. Looking out my window, I would see... a beautiful expanse of green grass peppered with wild flowers and beautiful brilliant birds with hills and lots of trees in the background. Off in the distance Gandalf is returning with mischievious Pippin to liven up the place.

7. The other characters in the story would be... too numerous to name... but it is all written up in my all-time favorite book..............

8. An essential element of a happy ending would be... my husband, children and dearest friends riding off to the Gray Havens.

I'm not very original but such is my life :)

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