August 28, 2009

Where did summer go?!

These pictures are from back in July.... this is a picture from our favorite swimming spot to which I am able to spy on my friend M clear across the lake :)

Note that Merry has grown a tail.

A better picture of Merry with is tail.

Bilbo isn't much impressed with the water.

But I don't mind those irresistable curls for company.

He's not heavy, he's my brother. Obviously Bilbo isn't enjoying this over-much.
There used to be a short cut home but that road is entirely impassible... except by canoe and you may be surprised to learn that a 15 passenger van doesn't fit in a canoe.
I do delight in a rainbow.
Our Tuesday Girls' and Boys' groups lasted for 3 months through the summer.
This was another baking day. Here is the pizza making crew.
I went into this pizza day thinking normal pizzas and toppings. I forgot we had craft-loving girls who could even make a craft out of pizza decorating. Here's the heart pizza.
This pizza is getting a face-lift.
Here's the Puppy Chow crew. Now what was that other new-fangled name I learned for Puppy Chow. It was something like dingle dangle or something equally as cute (not that that was cute but with a little creativity you might imagine it was)
Bag diggers.... I'm really not sure what these ladies were up to but they were caught none-the-less.
The patiently-waiting-for-the-cookies crew.
The face lift complete.
This modern version of pla-doh is always a hit.
Your guess is as good as mine but I would venture to guess I was having a better day getting out of bed than this fellow!

Check out these curls!

And check out the hair on this little guy. No, it isn't a wig, it's for real. He's the cutest little wee man!
I'm not sure many can resist the irresistable Calico Critters.
Good thing there is a new baby coming along, Bilbo is getting too big. I wonder what a household does without a baby in the house?
You can bet if there is a baby to be held that Eleanor is nearly by to hold her!
Finally those cookies are out. Notice also those fine loaves of bread! :)

This Blue Heron was just walking on by our window.

A friend of mine sent this picture from her trip "ground buffalo chip used as baby powder". I finally have a one-of-a-kind gift for new mothers. :)

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