October 20, 2009

Cookies, Cuts, Cows and Cuties

Galadriel and Eowyn making surprise cookies as one of their projects for the Little Women's Hospitality Program.
Pippin is helping.... eat hershey kisses.

The children were particularly fascinated by this rainbow that landed in the pony pen. No pot of gold... I checked.
On the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary we made muffins into a Rosary. Little Hail Mary muffins and Big Our Father muffins.

To add to our Farm of Misfit animals is our garden of Misfit vegetables! These are Kohlrabis.

Only a little squirrelly.

As I was completing the last class of the day, Frodo says, "Should I get Pippin and Bilbo out of your room." I decided to sneak up on them and see what they were up to. Apparently opening a barbarshop. Pippin had snipped off a number of Bilbo's curls but his head he made special... that is especially scalped. I have to admit that after the initial shock wore off I couldn't stop laughing, it was that hideous.
I told Pippin I was going to have to shave his head and he said "NO!"

I asked what he suggested, "Just do this half!" So I tried just that. Ummm.... I don't think so!

This was Aragorn's suggestion. Shave both halves and just leave a strip up the middle.

Who says homeschooled kids aren't properly socialized, look how cool this little dude is! Do note that I used the shortest attachment (1/4") and it does not do justice to "blending it in" to the scalping.

So, my style won out and I buzzed the whole works.
However he still looks like he just got out of brain surgery. Of course this happened 10 days before we are to go to a wedding!

Bilbo has an absolute fascination for animals, we frequently have an extra guest at the table. His absolute dire favorite is a horsey.

Check out my little Baby Legs!

At 6 weeks, Poppy was weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds and 24 inches long. That's up 4 pounds from her lowest weight and up 3 inches.
Poppy has ceasee screaming so much... but here we go again! Apparently he doesn't take kindly to be dressed in a snuggly suit with bunny ears.

Our homeschooling group had a Harvest Party and on our way we drove by this absolutely darling chapel, complete with St. Francis outside and Our Lady inside. I want one of these!
The family who hosted the party had a beautiful 100 acres and had built a gorgeous home!

The weather was ideal and the views lovely.

This is a new friend I met that day. She was holding a good friend of mine's adorable baby!
He's the wee thinker, while Poppy is the wee screecher! This should make a fine future couple!
The lady bugs are back in full force now that the soybeans are being cut.

Poppy with her hair(less) done.


  1. Wow, where should I start! I LOVE the haircut! The baby is so sweet especially crying in his outfit. Neat idea with the cupcakes. Enjoyed this post.

  2. I can't believe how big Poppy is!!! Anna has that same little brown floral dress. From Wal-mart for $3?? I couldn't resist it for that price! My 3M old little lady just hit 10 pounds! :P