October 4, 2009

Misc. Musings

Poppy is up to a whopping 12 pounds 3 ounces, no wonder I've got a sore back. She is 4 weeks old and gained over 3 pounds (she got down to 9 pounds after her initial birth weight.)

One of the events this week was a pack of animals for our Farm of Misfit Animals.

Peeking in at the trailer load of animals

These animals were free to a "good" home.
2 African Pygmy Goats
3 Turkeys (Ble Slate, Royal Palm, and Bronze)
3 Geese (Embdon and 2 Chinese)
2 Ducks (Rouen and Cayuga)
2 Red Star Hens
2 Black Star Hens
Don't aske me what we'll do with these critters.
Sam and Frodo jumped right in to make friends.

Turkeys are ugly critters unless they are on your dinner plate :) The Chinese Geese are rather strange with the odd nobules on their beaks.

The geese intermingling with our other geese. The Saddleback Geese we had from our last "shipment" of Misfit Animals showed the dog who was boss. After a peck at his nose he left them alone. However the geese did not leave our sidewalk alone... ewww! So they went into a pen.

I need to catch up on the names of all the new animals.

We went to a local corn maze with our homeschooling group. This year it was a mermaid.

Pippin making friends with a scarecrow.
Bilbo wandering around.

Frodo as King over the Mountain

Bilbo loved the corn pit

Frodo visiting the huge horses. I think they are Clydesdales.

Ooooh...... Poppy was smiling!
We are converting our garage... which never saw a car.... into a bigger laundry room and a boys room. Over the weekend Sam cut the entry way since the old door will be where our kitchen will be moved in front of. Those of you who asked about the SIPanels our house is made of you can see the idea here. The outside walls are built like a great big fat ice cream sandwich.
Tw0 of the turkeys showing off.

Now, I have heard there are some of you out there who don't believe at all that Poppy is anything but sweetness personified. I tried to take a picture of Poppy in her new dress (thank you to the giver of said adorable dress) and here she is true to her usual cranky self! However now that she has topped 12 pounds she has fewer bouts of crankiness. Apparently she knows she is #10 and has to have a more robust figure to keep those next 3 boys in line or as *someone* says to keep ME in line :)

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