February 28, 2010


Hippie Baby!
Poppy way outgrew the biggest bathroom sink we have so it was time to graduate her to the big tub. Sigh. She did not like it at first, she might as well have been in the ocean. And suddenly out of the blue she wailed
Is there any sweeter word? She would have earned a piece of chocolate if that was part of her diet... say! I think I will eat some chocolate just for her! Some nice Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate with Almonds.... good baby!

Bathing a baby entails an audience, of course.

Little wild 'n crazy monkey Pip!

Eleanor and Poppy.... and she said "Mama" two more times! Several ounces of chocolate are in line... all as a reward for Poppy, of course. Thank goodness it is a Sunday in Lent :)

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  1. I love the audience for the bath - just like our house, LOL! Except Allie hasn't outgrown the kitchen sink...yet.