February 14, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

Since I'm too tired and lazy to write up something nifty about St. Valentine's Day, I'll just pass you on to Fisheaters.

Poppy is getting around. At 5 months she was driving herself around.... backwards.

She gets into some rather awkward situations.
She has popped herself up on all 4's and taken some official crawling "steps". But it's a very ungraceful sight, she gets where she wants to go.
And she started herself on solid....... paper. She's a bit like a dust buster, she drives herself around to any tidbit she can find on the floor and stuffs it in her mouth. Sigh. This is why we have our throats blessed on St. Blaise Day.
The chickens are producing eggs. And with the new chickens laying away the old chickens decided they better keep up with the Jones'es.

The big one was a double yolker.

Need a little more food coloring in Sam's volcano.

Bilbo is 2 and has taken to "I doooo weeeet" (I do it) Which means he removes his pants at regular intervals through the day and dresses himself to go outside. At least he has his hood up!

Today was a beautiful day out, warmed up to the 20's so perfect sledding weather.

"Mom, will you go sledding too? They say the more weight the farther the sled will go."
(that was suppose to be complimentary....) So up I climbed.
And down we went.

We went a loooooooong way. Guess all that baby weight is worth something afterall.... I never thought I'd be saying I won the heavy weight championship. *chuckle*
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, sweet!

I'm seriously jealous.

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  1. Your little ones are so cute. What precious pictures. Always a joy to visit your blog. :)