October 20, 2013


 After almost 5 months of trying to get a quote for a barn-ette (small barn) the project finally started. We had a project time frame of the end of November.  So, on Oct 11th they delivered the barn.  Hence the name of the Farm portion of Trinity Acres is St. Michael Defender of the Divine Mother.  That's what a barn looks like when it arrives on the truck.
 So the following Monday, October 14th, Aragorn spoke with our rep to get a projected time of arrival so we could get the necessary gravel and such. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  1/2 hour after they got off the phone the builder's arrived.
 It's just another proof that our time on this earth is not our own and always be ready to accept God's little practical jokes.... they are infinite!

 I believe this is how far they got the first day.  The second day was too short to get a picture because one of the buliders had marital problems and had to leave to get his son to school... since he refused to go.  Of course if the kid had been at home studying it wouldn't have been a problem :D

 At this point there was a typical funsie.  The "porch" posts were too short and they had sent the wrong color siding.  So other than a few more enhancements to the building it's on hold until the siding comes in.  Always has to be something to test us!
 Frodo helping by holding down the fence....!
In the meantime the boys had decided it was high time they started pole vaulting. No joke. Truly, they were trying this.

To be continued....

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