October 2, 2013

Bodyguard, Chickens and a Vineyard

 Just don't mess with ME!
 Some work on their abs... I work on my thighs.
 Since we seem to attract chicken murderers, we opted to replenish our supply of egg suppliers since many had died in rather unpleasantly.

 I will admit.... I thought... actually I voiced, "Roosters?"  Well...no they aren't roosters but come on, they do look like roosters don't they?

 Marigold has been working on her tattooing skills.
 Hauling the chickens up to the coop.
 Charming! Darling!

 Lawn ornaments... my favorite. So I asked Sam, "Why did you park it there?!" To which he replied, it's the best way to get it started again.  Oh... of course.
 Checkers on the porch during these absolutely gorgeous days.
 Books, books and more books.
 We had a little homeschooling group picnic. On our way we saw a flamingo in a local field (and no... it wasn't in our field!)
 First we stopped so that a friend of mine's dad could give some of the kids a ride on a combine.  Isn't this house neat-o? I love old houses... such character.

 Sam opted for a ride.  His comment was, "That is a heck of alot newer than ours" hahaha Of course the one we use was on the market when I was about 5!
 Then we all ventured up to this beautiful vineyard for a picnic.

 It was SO beautiful! And the day was perfect, nice and breezy and nearly 80 degrees!
 The "trained" some of the vines to grow higher up and made a visiting and picnicking area underneath. It was so charming!

 It really was a perfectly lovely day.
 Lately Kili has felt the need to have something in his hands at the table. No, he is not on solids.  This night he really wanted this bun.
 He attacked this bun as if... umm... I don't know... just as if.  No, he is NOT on solids and isn't going to start any time soon.  Everyone was wildly entertained.
 The weather has been so beautiful we've taken some of our schooling outside.

We never argue about gorgeous weather, nevermind when it comes in the fall. We know what's comin'!

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