October 12, 2013

Just Enjoying Fall

 We've got a fat drooly damp kissy baby thing going on around here.

 And we have a circus.

 Combining soybeans
 Rounding Spinning Rotating Making round bales

 Lots and lots of reading.

 Yeah, we do Teaching Textbooks and love it. I've heard some say "It's weak".  I have yet to figure out how it's weak, if my children are solving math problems and the computer is computing their scores and it removes about 8 hours of work for me a day, well, I'm ok with such "weakness" :D

And you ask, "Where are the uniforms?" And I say, "I don't know, I don't recall telling them not to wear them but it always happens."  We'll be back to it shortly.
 And more books.
 Please note the difference between the girl reading the book up there and the 2 boys reading the book.  Even reading books is a contact sport.  Who needs sports if you can turn reading into a sport.
 We have the most enjoyable children's choir.

 Gotta get a leaf pile together. My memory of raking leaves was being so excited to jump in the pile.  They were too damp and I ended up with slugs on my legs. Ewww.  Nice memory. These leaves pictured incidentally are very dry :D
That's for Lady M, just want her to know that I've been learning some Italian from her blog :D


  1. LOVE the pictures! You have such beautiful children---maybe I can join in that kissy baby thing going on by blowing a kiss from California (-: Hope that smiley baby can catch it!

  2. It must be spelled CIAO -:) (kisses from your old Italian fellow from maryskeys time)

  3. Oh my. That was a silly error.
    Very nice to hear from you!!!