April 19, 2014

Egg Dying

 St. Mary Magdalen and the Red Egg
I read on Catholic Icing about the tradition of dying eggs and found it interesting so I browsed around.  According to tradition, some time after the Resurrection of Christ, St. Mary Magdalen went to the Emperor tiberius Caesar and announced to him that Christ had risen from the dead and explained how this all took place.  After she finished Tiberius notice a man next to him holding a basket of eggs. Tiberius challened Mary that if what she said was true, then the white eggs in the baseket should be turned into red eggs.  And, indeed they were.
 One of the moms in our small homeschooling group taught us how to dye Easter eggs using silk neckties or silk boxer shorts.
 First we had to take apart the ties and cut them (or the boxers) into pieces about 8" square though ties don't really go square.

 Wrap the egg with a piece of silk tie.
 Tie it tightly with a twist-tie.... around here I think they say "tie wrap".
 Wrap that with a piece of white fabric and tie it off.  I think you can use 1 twist-tie to do both pieces of fabric so long as it is tight and secure.

 Place the eggs in a pot.

 Cover the eggs with water and hard boil the eggs.  10 minutes once the water comes to a boil.
 Then we un-wrapped them.

These are Pippins made from yellow silk smiley-face boxer shorts. (really, who would wear silk, bright yellow smiley face boxers?  Don't answer) anyway, this is one with a white egg and one with a brown egg.

If you have 100% silk ties to get rid of... we'll take them! :D

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