April 19, 2014

Karate - Yellow Belt

 It took about 6 weeks for the children to be ready to be belt-tested.  All passed and now have yellow belts.  Step-by-step bit-by-bit they are improving.  We are really blessed to have not only a great instructor but a great man.  He tries to instill in them respect, self-control, self-discipline.  Not that the children have achieved that in any perfect measure, but it is good for them to be hearing these things from others.

 I think Merry and Pippin aren't sure which of the two is the bad guy... most likely they are discussing who gets the play the bad guy...
 Hm, not sure if it is wise for a tail-end of white belt to be punching the black belt... :D

 Waiting for the belts and certificates in quiet anticipation.

 Placing the white belts behind them and taking on the yellow belt.
 Bowing to the guests... that would be Bilbo, Poppy, Marigold, Kili and me-me-me.
Bravo kiddos! Great job! Keep up the good work!

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