December 24, 2014

Christmas Promises

I received this list in an email... worth a share...

1)   To make my Christmas a holy day with Christ- not a holiday without Him.
2)   To observe Christmas as the birthday of Christ- not a day to give and received material gifts.
3)   To remember that the real symbols of Christmas are the Star, the Stable, and the Crib- not Santa Claus and his reindeer.
4)   To teach my children that “Santa Claus” is the nickname of St. Nicholas- who gave to the poor in honor of Christ.
5)   To help one poor family- in honor of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family of Bethlehem.
6)   To send Christmas cards remindful of Him, the Infant Saviour- not decorated only with candy canes, dogs, ribbons and wreaths.
7)   To make room in my home for Him- with a Christmas Crib, a window or door poster to remind all that He was born in a stable.
8)   During this season, in a special way, to honor Mary, His Mother- who kept the first Christmas vigil beside the Manger.
9)   To go with my family to the altar today- and let the Christ Child be born into our hearts and souls in Holy Communion.
10) Today and every day, to give “Glory to God in the highest”- to work and pray for “Peace on earth to men of good will.”

Nihil Obstat: Joseph A.M. Quigley, Censor Librorum

Imprimatur: V John J. Krol, D.D., J.C.D., Archbishop of Philadelphia , March 1964

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