December 24, 2014

Hobbit 3 & Happy Birthday

 I took 13 very eager and excited children to see the Hobbit 3 Battle of Five Armies. Being that it was opening day, all went fully clad in Middle Earthen Ware.  They most definitely made a sensation.

I might insert here "opening day" is now a very broad term as 2 days prior there was a "Hobbit Marathon" wherein someone could sit and watch the first 2 Hobbits and then the 3rd one. Then the day before they had a pre-viewing or perhaps it was the "vigil".  I went that evening with Aragorn and Samwise... the " I don't-want-to-dress-up" group.

 Galadriel made most of the costumes.
 Eleanor sported her hobbit slippers that her God Father had given her.

 I kid you not... these are the theater seats. It was exceptionally comfortable.
 We couldn't exactly leave Bilbo out since the opening day coincided with his 7th birthday.
Happy Birthday Bilbo!  The idea of the cake was to be a ring but frosting cakes isn't our thing... at all.  But we are about tasted and the cake was very good.

Woops! Forgot to mention that we loved Hobbit 3.  Yeah... we know how to separate books from movies and can enjoy a movie.  When it was all over, I was sad that I wouldn't see my Middle Earth friends any more... other than at home on the screen! :D

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