December 24, 2014

Various Goings On

 St. Nicholas Day

 Gift from a friend, found in my St. Nicholas stocking.

 Butchering venison

 No idea... hair clipping maybe?
 Kili in Rosie's wig... she played the part of a King...

 Marigold in the wig and beard.
I think nearly everyone "had" to try it on.... of course

 Every Sunday we get a special edition newspaper by Eowyn. 
Everyone she draws has pointy ears whether elven or otherwise.
So we decided to give her some pointy ears for funsies.

 Frodo had a band concert.

 I like this price for gasoline... with BP points....
 $1.49 for 13.691 gallons of gas!

 So, when a certain child joyfully takes a knife to the edge of the sink... 
what do you do?
The blow torch didn't seem to help much.

Frodo graduated to Blue with Green belt.

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