February 5, 2015

Prayer Request

Please pray for a friend, Julie from IL who just found out she has 2 calcified nodules on her thyroid.  In her words, I quote:
However, ultrasound shows I have two calcified nodules on my thyroid.  I am being referred to an Endocrinologist as there is higher chance of malignancy if calcified.  Please pray hard for me - health, peace for me and my family, wisdom for James and I, quick availability of the doc and good insurance coverage, wisdom for the doc, etc.

You may forward this to as many persons / prayers groups as possible.  I love my life and being a mom to my six beautiful children.  I just ask God to allow me to be a wife and mother.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband, and for that I most grateful.  James' work load is extremely heavy right now and I also ask prayers for him.

Maybe if we all storm the gates of Heaven, God in His Great Mercy, will teach and grow us, but allow me to be healthy for my family.

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