February 5, 2015

The Black Horizon

Update: Woops, the wrong copy was uploaded to the Barnes and Nobel site... that is the un-edited copy... there have been 2 more edits since this one... ooops. If you are the *one* (literally) who ordered this book email me and we'll email you the correct copy shortly.  Ooops... 
Eowyn has published one of her books at Barnes and Nobel nook reader HERE. It costs all of 99c to get a copy to which Eowyn received 40c.

I have not yet read this book so I can't even tell you what it's about... so I better get reading it! :D

At this point, she has started writing 43 books and short stories and has finished 14 of them. Her first book was The Golden Birds. She says she gets sick just thinking about that one! Every Sunday she pleases us with a hand written newspaper "Ranger's Bow".

It might be noted that she spends much time bouncing around and around on the trampoline while conjuring up characters and plots.  A careful observer would notice the pace at which she bounces, differences in speed, height and style, indicates the level of hype in the plot or character analysis.

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