February 1, 2015


Urgent prayers for large family in Pennsylvania (from MODG list):
My heart is so heavy.  I just got horrific news that the Kurtz family (family that runs St. Philomena's Academy in Coatesville) was travelling home today, caravaning in two vans, and were hit head on by a car that swerved into their lane. Jaws of life was on the scene and five helocopters.  Initial reports are that at least four children were air-lifted to multiple hospitals and at least two have serious head and back trauma.  A nun visiting the Kurtz family from Mexico also suffered a head injury and is unconcious.  The Kurtz's have been through so much these past few months.  Donna's brother nearly died from kidney failure and their oldest daughter, Nina, is just recovering from surgery where she donated her kidney to her uncle.  I know she suffered a broken back and other injuries.  Please pray for them all, especially Donna, who I believe is uninjured and is trying to get to everyone at different locations.  Lord, give them courage and healing.  Thanks everyone for storming heaven for this amazing family. 

News link HERE.

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