October 11, 2015

Miscellaneous Everything

 Some flowers that were transplanted from a friend's house actually survived our weed farm, bloomed and even spread.
 The season is o'er and the pool gets emptied... as I type on a day that got up to almost 80 degrees in October.
 So we have not had spaghetti since Kili was born, I don't think.  As he ate he held up a noodle and said "Worm". Daddy told him it was spaghetti but he insisted it was a worm and proceeded to eat the delicacy.
 Frodo raised ducks to dress (or undress of its feathers... and head...) to sell.  Anyone interested, $5/pound and approximately 3 pounds each, just email me and I will pass the word on to him.
 Farmer Frodo
 Sam busy

 There was a bronze car show locally, at our favorite bakery, that we weren't able to make it to. However, one of the cars was driving on our road on our way home.
 There is a reason for this picture.  3 of the children are in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs this winter and they are looking for something that could be used as a glass coffin. Being that snow White is very tall... this will not do...
 Our pigs are growing... and rolling in the muck...
 Piggies are so cute and friendly and happy to eat everything they are served.
Marigold helping transplant more flowers from our friend.
 And no joke, that is green hair. She dyed a lock of her hair with a green sharpie... I clipped it off...
 Not sure how well these transplants will work since it is mostly sand, but we'll try pouring some dirt in there.
 The one-man-pot-band.
 Galadriel, Auntie/SIL and I took in a night show of Pride and Prejudice at the American Players Theater. I had also seen in during the week with some of the children with Homeschooling group HFH. We started the glorious evening with picnic.
 Including "wet ones" ... to make Mum happy.
 Since Auntie/SIL just got back from a trip to Europe she brought the proscuitto.... and I brought the gummy bears because they are a must-have at the APT.
 There were many picnickers scattered all over the woods.

 Traveling "Up the hill"

 And how glorious does it get to watch a show with a full moon... or so very nearly a full moon... !

 The full moon right over the stage. And thus ends the pictures I'm allowed to take.
 We went with new friends on a bowling escapade and then to their lovely home for a picnic.

 We had a splendid time.  I like this! The dog house in the old corn crib!
 The APT also was showing "Merry Wives of Windsor" which we also went to with homeschooling group HFH and a great friend of mine.  It was splendid. I laughed so hard, I had tears rolling down my face.  A few bits I didn't find overly comical but it was exceptionally well done... as was Pride and Prejudice.

 Picture day with homeschooling group HFH. Here's as much of the whole group as was able to make it.
 High schoolers
 Junior Saints
 1st-2nd graders

 2-4th graders
 4th-5th graders
6-8th graders

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