October 18, 2015

Starved Rock

We were blessed to go on lovely hiking trip to Starved Rock State Park with the extended family on Aragorn's side.  In general, this would be the extended family and then some, but in our case, these are just our hoodlums children.
This area is made up of much sandstone which has washed away since the ice age into an absolutely picturesque beauty of canyons. The pictures tell all.

 I'm not a heights type person so this was enough to make my head swirl, but it was just so amazing and beautiful!

 Cousin F

 I cannot believe we didn't come home with any poison ivy!

 We stayed in a lovely villa. It was about this point we realized we should have packed some sleeping bags, pillows and blankets.

 With the stay came gift cards to play in the indoor amusement park.  I was prudent and took a nap as the first hiking gaunt had me so sore.... and exhausted!
 Rosie & Eleanor on the zipline.

 Children & cousins prepping for laser tag.

 Climbing the rock wall.  

 I showed up at this point and went in for my very first game of laser tag. It was so much fun.

 And how does one capture the fun in a bungee bounce. This is Poppy but you can't really tell!
 After dinner (we had tacos, missing any number of ingredients we left at home), we enjoyed the indoor water park. There were barely any people so we practically had the place to ourselves.

 Kili had both strep throat and tonsilitis so wasn't feeling all that great, not to mention it gave him some kind of light sensitivity.

 We also forgot the eggs so some decided to make (fake) cheese, bacon and miracle whip (yuck) sandwiches.  Truly, not even anywhere near the food pyramid, I'm quite sure.

 About this point we more than realized that Kili weighs about 800  pounds. Ok, so he's actually 35 pounds, but he felt like 800.

 Cousins picture.

 I'm really kicking myself for not posing a picture with Merry & Pippin intertwined with this Middle Earth tree.


 I'd like to know what these two twin cousins were discussing at length.

 Kili was an unhappy camper which explains the lack of photos. :(  He's better now though, so no worries

 What beats skipping rocks?

We had lovely weather, great company, and a splendid time in God's beautiful country.

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