October 25, 2015

More October Pictures

I've updated some pictures on the "about" page HERE

 Kili exhausted after so much pictures of me-me-me!
 We went on a great field trip to our local corn maze, the largest in the area. Always a ton of fun.

 We bought someone's cow named "Joy". I knew we needed more joy around here.  Funny it came in the shape of a cow....
 Nice little Jersey

 Ducks & Turks

 Frodo had done a paper not too long ago for his on-line driver's ed on risk factors while driving. Not a couple weeks later the town trucks were driving along with men hanging off the side.  Sheesh.
 Baling cornsalk season

 It is just so hard being 2.  Life can really be tedious. A good cry in a corner does wonders to uplift the spirit...
 Combining soybeans

 We went to a really fun All Saints party.  I ran into our cousin's wife and baby.  He looks just like his dad did when I first met him.  SOO cute.
 Lots and lots of well-organized games and all kinds of fun for the kiddos.

 Here's my St. Paul
 My St Gregory the Great

 My St. Lucy
 Eleanor seems to just full of faces.

 Saints trail

 Teens in great costumes
 Candy toss

 Litany of the Saints
 Best buddies!

 Kili & Rosie
 Marigold of Green Gables
Yes, she's changed quitea  bit, suddenly her hair was thick and reddish brown. Ok... it's a wig
 Soybeans are cut, ladybugs (or Japenese beetles?) have nothing better to do than invade our porch.
 A friend and our God Baby PIE
 Everyone needs a Kili around to help with various projects...

 Everyone needs a Kili to defend his palace. We might need to put a sign up, beware of 2 year old with sword

 Meat's back on the menu, Boys!
 It was such a beautiful day so we opted to try for some Christmas Photos.  Here is a picture of just the girls.
 Here is a bunch of pictures of trying to get a photo of just the boys....

Out for a pony-horse-cross ride.

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