July 10, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Merry and Survival Skills

 Kili busy writing in his "binder". My 2nd leftie!
 Marigold learns to swim without her floaties!
 In the event you were wondering what pea blossoms look like.
 Baby bird that got lost in the pumpkin patch
 Marigold & Kili
More cement, this is the year of cement, and more cement.

 Frodo finishing his last signature on the last Station of the Cross.
 After dropping Frodo off at a Chivalry Camp for the week, the rest of us went to a graduation party. It was great! Bouncy House and all! Beautiful home, too!

 So, naturally while Frodo is gone for the week we had to prove ourselves by doing extra work around the farm, in addition to all the chores.  Sam build 2 new pig feeders.
 Others worked on a rabbit hutch.

 We all had to take on many extra jobs.

 Merry & Pippin started mowing the lawn. The first thing before they even got on *someone* had to wind up an awful lot of wire, so first project was to unwind it.  Fun.
 Eleanor and one of the rabbits.
 Finish up the Stations.

 Just proof that we were able to get alot of milk.
 The 3 little ones working on putting together a basket rack. they did a greaet job.
 Kili and his younger cousin.  Sheesh!
 Here is the pair of oxen.
 Happy 12th birthday Merry!

 Merry setting up his new pool volleyball set. Thanks grandma!

 Marigold gets a drink while filling the water bucket.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those stations are beautiful!!! The children are pretty cute too. ;-)

  2. I just love your pictures! Your children always look so happy and healthy. And yes, beautiful stations!

  3. Thanks Deborah and Linda.

    That said, I'm sorely behind in posting pictures. Since it's going to be something like 105-110 degrees heat index today, perhaps that is a good project! :D