July 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Rosie

Merry chose miniature golf for his birthday outing.

Happy Birthday, Rosie!!
unfortunately she was sick this day :(

Our awesome neighbors to the south had a great party we were able to attend briefly before we had to leave for the summer play

Here is Frodo in the corner keeping hidden before the play began.
The plays were  series of skits from Studio C or Lucielle Ball and the like.
Frodo and his cousin did a superb job at "Who's on First"  BRAVO!

GREAT JOB EVERYONE! They did an awesome job.  Very, very comical!
One of the pigs popping out to say,"yoo hoo.... yo hoo..."
Aragorn bought me this great little tractor (with a lawn mower) and 2 certain people broke it before I got to ride it.  One of these days I'll try it out.
This little piggy didn't go to market but she sure misses her 2 penmates that did.  She still misses them and they are probably just about ready to be wrapped in plastic... :D
projects, projects and more projects
I took the 3 stooges to the local Ag fair.

That's Pippin up there.

Cute little tractor or what?
Lambie (who was just re-homed this past week to Farmer Frannie.

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