July 3, 2016

Happy Belated Father's Day

 Happy Belated Father's Day to the worlds most awesomest dad!  He received quite a stash of goodies, treats and interesting artifacts.
 After the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we participated in a go kart race with one of the local parishes. It was alot of fun!
Aragorn, his brother, and Sam raced, much to Frodo's disappointment.  The age limit was 18... not 16.
 We had t-shirts with "rad serv racers" for all of us except the 3 youngest who wore camo t-shirts that matched pretty well.
 These were the go-karts.  Ours being #32.

 First they each did 10 laps for practice. Then they each did 33.  We came in 14th... out of 17....

 Marigold & Kili had their faces painted.

 Marigold had a butterfly
 Kili had a goldfish complete with bubbles.

 Friends had their faces entirely painted

 God Baby was intrigued by her brother's "new" face.

Although it was 90 degrees, there was a lovely breeze and was an all around fun day.

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