March 11, 2007

Spring is Coming!

I think there is cold-blooded, warm-blooded and Wisconsin-blooded. It felt really warm out today so we all went outside to enjoy the great outdoors. There is still alot of snow out there. When I sat down to start this week's (boring) entry I check the temperature and it was only 48. But it was lovely!

Just because we enjoy having rather odd fun we hitched the Flintstone-Mobile to the back of a tractor.

Eleanor was napping so only 7 were aboard and Pippin fell asleep on the ride.

I'm the one who needs the exercise so I walked behind. It was such a lovely day out!

Our bees have started to wake up. More on how we got started with bees and our honey when Aragorn dons his bee-keeping get-up.

And MaryT this is for you. Here are our 62 solar panels. 32 on the garage and 30 on the steep roof of a shed. There are a few extras in front. On the side of the house the "windows" are for heating water but they aren't hooked up yet. And also you can see one of the two windmills.

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