March 13, 2007

Spring Run Off

With all the snow we had the spring run-off has been really spectacular. Probably not as neat in pictures though.

There were trenches of water just flowing through the play area.

I find it fascinating how water will meander... this is usually a trickle at best.

Again, what is usually pretty much dry.

It was really roaring. You could hear it inside the house and this was across the street.... and we don't live right on the street.

This is usually just a small stream across the street from the other end of our property.

This is our side of the road and is at least several times as wide as usual.

This is where it rushed under the road to our property.

This is the shed that we built a couple years ago (the year before we moved in). The strangest part of it all was that it was so warm out but our feet were frozen.

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