March 4, 2007

Feb 25 - March 4

Based on our inexperience in measuring snow properly we think we've gotten almost 3 feet of snow (and some rain) since the big storm last weekend. I missed the best picturesque day with the trees full of snow, it was just gorgeous but I thought about the camera when I was no where near it.

Daddy and Samwise sledding after making a flattened trail with the Flintstone Mobile earlier
Galadriel surfing the snow.
Pippin likes the cat.
But it is questionable whether the cat appreciates the lovies of an 11 month old!

Pip relaxes in the snow.
Samwise making cheese. We have an abundance of milk these days so we are back to making cheese.

picture from NASA
Our biggest disappointment this week was not being able to view the total lunar eclipse due to clouds. We had been looking forward to this for weeks. Here is a neat site, Shadow and Substance, to check out for the Eclipses. Great animations of the eclipses. Here are some other neat photos!

The rest of the week was busy with school and various lenten projects. One of which includes major house cleaning. (sigh!) I wish I had taken some before and after pictures! A friend of mine had sent this:

From "Around the Year With the Trapp Family"According to old tradition, the first three days of Holy week- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - are dedicated to spring cleaning. In the days before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, this was a spectacular undertaking: sofas, chairs and all mattresses would be taken out of doors and beaten mercilessly. Walls were dusted, curtains were changed - a thorough domestic upheaval. There is little time for cooking and meals are made from leftovers. By Wednesday night the house looks spic and span.

However in our house 3 days is not nearly enough so our goal was the 40 days of Lent. But, after only 10 days of Lent I think that our spring cleaning is going to be a 6 months rotation (spring and fall cleaning!). I cannot believe how long it can take to clean out a cabinet!
Today we remember Fr. Alfred Kunz. May he rest in Peace.

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