February 25, 2007

The Events of the Week

It's always lively in a large family. Merry was in need of a bath and in walks Pippin. Since he was in no need of a bath I just let him play with the water from the spout. Apparently that wasn't enough....
*Plop* over he goes, clothes and all.

Undaunted by the surprise he thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was Galadriel who ran for the camera.
"I Doo Weet"
Merry is very proud of his dressing (in)capabilities. Perhaps boys should only have blue, red and green reversible clothing then something always matches!
Aragorn was installing some lights in the dining area and Pippin (of course) was in sheer awe of such an immense climbing thing... the ladder. In our house ladders are not jungle gyms for 11 month olds, much to Pip's disappointment.

"I wonder if Daddy will notice?"
Yup, Daddy said "no". Pippin seems to understand that word very well. Who'd have known an 11 month old would be so attached to a ladder?! Very hurt feelings for Pip that day.
There was talk of a big snowstorm so we decided to take a few pre-snow pictures. We had about 8 inches til we got a lovely spring-like tease.

Front Yard
Back Yard
We got about 7-1/2+" of nice fluffly snow on Friday night. Then Saturday night we got another 10-12" of heavy wet snow.
It took 2 hours of plowing and shoveling to clear the driveway. Our roads still haven't been plowed so we were unable to get out of the driveway for Mass, which was a sore disappointment for all.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!
As soon as the plowing was done, prayers and readings from Mass were said and we sat down for breakfast and it started to... snow!

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