February 10, 2007


Eleanor wonders if this cold air is really all that much fun afterall. It has warmed up, it was all the way up to 14 degrees and the sun was shining!

Merry is the kitten who lost his mittens but insisted he must go out so I found 2 mis-matched thin gloves 4 sizes too big and 2 mis-matched socks to put over. It worked and he was happy as ever to be out with the big'uns. This kitten must find his mittens.
The children discoverd this long sledding trail. It's not too steep but it's quite long. I did find out that it may not be all that steep but when you go 400 feet down hill for a long time you are going pretty fast by the time you get to the end!

Rosie and Frodo crashed, our dog Guiseppi stunned and Galadriel zipping on by.

Rosie and Frodo enjoying their crash!
While most of us trekked across the fields to the sledding trail, *others* took the leisurely drive... I didn't complain to have a ride back though!

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