February 4, 2007


Last night we reached a low of -27 degrees windchill. It was chilly. Being that it warmed up (or do you say warmed down?) to -21 so we took a lovely walk outside (discovering that I am very well out of shape, or in the wrong shape anyway!) I thought I was going to freeze and the children that went along didn't get more than rosy cheeks and claim they didn't get cold!

Yesterday Sam spent about an hour out in the bitter cold digging his way through a snowdrift up by the fence line. Just as we sat down to eat we look out the window to see a bunch of 6 or 7 deer invading the snow drifts. So my endeavor to go out in the frigid weather today was merely to see the deer tracks and where they wandered. Of course by the time I got up there the children had already trampled any tracks.

Note: there aren't any pictures because I forgot the camera in the house which was quite a ways from said drift and once back in the warm house I was content to stay there!

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