February 10, 2007

Up by the Fence-line

Once again I trekked up to the fence-line and this time I remembered my camera.
You may have to click on the picture to actually see that, the little blurb to the right is our house and the smaller one is the power-shed where we get the power to run our house. I still wonder how the Amish manage without a Kitchen Aid.
I'm trying to make this somewhat panoramic. This is the next "scene".
Now I'm standing 90 degrees from where I was before. Anyway for being somewhere around 5 degrees outside, it really was quick nice out. Though I'm longing for spring! I'm thinking a lovely garden now... but my lacking-in-green thumb will kick in soon. Thank goodness for a going-on-11 year old who loves to garden! They say the ground hog saw his shadow here so 6 weeks and counting right?

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