February 18, 2007

Fun But Busy Weekend

It was a very fun yet very busy weekend. Eleanor turned 4 on the 17th, our Dog, Guiseppi (sorry Cecilia-in-Italy I will never spell it correctly :) turned 11 on the 18th and my MIL/FIL's anniversary is the 19th.

Eleanor turns 4

The fun began at Grandma and Grandpa's after piano lessons. We celebrated Eleanor's 4th birthday with Grandma's lovely daffodil cake. Being that I'm a very unskilled frosting maker, I have to mention that I am not a frosting person but the frosting on this cakes was really good. It is called 7 minute frosting. It reminded me of a frosting I tried to make when I was a child, probably middle school aged. It was called "White Mountain Frosting" and was from the old Betty Crocker cookbook (or one of then anyway!) well, my white mountain frosting turn brown and hard as a rock. But Grandma's frosting was what I had *dreamed* mine was suppose to look like way back then.

Eleanor with the addition to the girls' Calico Critters Collection. This is the wedding set, the girls really wanted a church... they aren't too interested in weddings... thank goodness! Isn't that car adorable?

Matthew's Heart Attack pound cake from the St. Mary's Oratory Cookbook was the choice this time with Bunny Tracks ice cream.

Blowing out the 4 candles.

Eleanor's birthday food picks were pancakes and sausage for breakfast, pigs in blankets (actually they are cows in blankets as they are beef nitrate free hotdogs) for lunch and barbecue sandwiches (which in other parts of the country is called Sloppy Joes) for supper.

Sunday the 18th started out with Mass as usual followed by the Quinquagesima (did I spell that right?!) celebration at our church. This year was a pancake breakfast by one of our young men, Matthew (pastry chef... actually same said chef of the above mentioned Pound Cake) It was huge too... pancakes, eggs, hash brown potatoes, sausage, bacon, fruit with the most delicious whipped cream on top. I really thought a loud applause was in-line but I'm not the type to stand up and do such things! There were gifties for the children as well as a raffle.

Galadriel won one of the raffle prizes... $10 in cash! She was tickled! And so was I as we don't tend to be on the winning side of anything!



Rosie and Eleanor

And good friends. Aren't they just scrumptious children? Being that I got chatting with a couple families I forgot to continue taking some pictures.

The 19th is my MIL/FIL's Anniversary, so we had them over for supper.

Oddly it somewhat resembles our Valentine's Day Fare. We had chicken parmesan, tortellini, salad and garlic bread. For being about as far from Italian as we can get we love Italian foods, though I suppose my dear friend Cecilia in Italy would say this is American food! :D

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