February 8, 2007

Pretty Frame

We recently had our picture taken for our parish directory. However it is supposedly illegal to scan a picture of ourselves. (huh?!) So I'm just showing you this nice picture frame we have, purdy ain't it?


  1. I *think* it'd illegal because you can scan it and make copies. That was the way it was with our wedding pictures. Well, we didn't have scanners or a computer back then. However, if I wanted to order copies of my wedding pictures, I had to go to the photographer and get them since the negatives were his property.

    In any event, that is a lovely picture...and frame! You all look so nice.

  2. Julie:
    It's nice to see your beautiful face, FINALLY!!! You have a gorgeuos family. I love the way the photographer set your family up in the picture.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! How on earth did you get everyone to sit still for that long? I've always got one that wiggles.

    Oh that delicious curly hair!