April 23, 2007

April Birthday

Mom's the April Baby this time. Aragorn ended up with a Saturday service call so we made a little trip out of it.

This is one of the Amish farms we drove by. I think I could get used to riding around in one of those buggies!

We stopped at the Ripon Good Cookie factory and sampled quite a number of cookies.

We found a few we liked!

Then we had a picnic lunch at lake. Swings never grow old do they?

Remember these?

Pippin thought it a bit odd.

And needed a bit of encouragement.... at first. Not much later we couldn't get him off the duck!

No, Eleanor isn't a ham.

Nor is Merry.

A group shot.

Sam isn't eager for his uncle, aunt and cousins to visit... he stood up in this tree about 4o minutes!

And we know Pippin isn't a ham.

Isn't this one cute neice?

And here are Eleanor and Merry when they squeezed themselves into a box from the butcher. I guess they are hams afterall.... it was pork that was in the box before these two hams (hahaha).


  1. wonderful pictures! You have a LOVELY family. God bless, Cecilia

  2. I love your pictures. They are all real hams! The group one is lovely. I also like to dress mine alike, at least the younger ones.