April 15, 2007

Catching Up

As Ma Ingalls said "If April showers bring May flowers, what does an April Blizzard bring?"
It brings back wintery puzzle building for one!
The 3-D Country Cottage Puzzle. It's an act of humility to do puzzles with the children... they are much quicker than I!

Dying Easter Eggs on Holy Saturday.
Samwise served as torch bearer for Holy Thursday. He was chosen do to the "clackers" during the procession to the Altar of Repose. He said because he was one of the tallest... ! He enjoyed that honor immensely! He also served for Easter Sunday morning Mass.
Our little Resurrection set. I'm drooling over one of those lovely Fontanini Holy Week and Easter sets... some day, when we find that buried treasure, right?
With the bright sun in the front stained glass windows, it was hard to get a good picture of our beautiful newly-painted sanctuary! It's actually a lovely pale rose and darker shade of rose in the background with a dusty red, dusty blue and gold ornately decorating the arches. On the ceiling above the Altar are 3 coat of arms, one for the Vatican, one for the diocese and one for the Institute of Christ the King.
Here is a bit of a closer up shot. It really is lovely.
Rare are the days we ever *do* bubble gum (I got too much in my hair as a child!) but the days we do we sit at the table and attempt to blow bubbles. The children received some in a giftie and this is Merry attempting to blow some bubbles as big as Mommy can!
He was very satisfied with his attempts! We all just chuckled!
The environmentalists burn off the marsh across the road from the other end of our property every year.
Zooming in we could even see the wee men in orange.
Since spring has sprung again, we are now starting some badly needed outdoor projects. Aragorn is working on some kind of retaining type wall bricky thing for under the porch.

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  1. Beautiful church! I cannot wait until our renovations are done (in a year, maybe). And thank you for finally updating your blog! I am an addict & I was having withdrawal! LOL!