April 1, 2007

End of March and Palm Sunday

On one of our muddy nature walks there were a few neat footie prints

Obviously a deer hoof.

These perplexed me but were so doggone cute! I was hoping it was a little monkey or something but not likely in our parts. Anyone know? Perhaps a raccoon or possum (hardly as alluring as a monkey!)

Ok, this was just mine!

Samwise finds a rock with crystals inside, it was a perfect heart-shape hole.

We aren't sure waht this was. Some tried to convince me it was some kind of molten rock or part of a meteor. But I didn't buy that one. Anyone know? It's very interesting.

Proud as a... turkey.

The sight of a new fresh nest in spring is always welcome!

Other than hats, one of Merry's oddities is falling asleep in the most unlikely places. Here he is leaning against a beam in the boys room in the small space between the boy's bunk and the wall.

A couple days of the last week of March we enjoyed 78 degree weather! It was glorious so we went on a hike to the stream (which is now back to more normal depths).

Pip enjoyed himself

Frodo finds a skull and is excited to find he could remove the teeth... (I beg to differ)

Old Man Willow

Wading in March!

Pip takes a dip.

Eleanor enjoying a Popsicle.

Palm Braiding on Palm Sunday.

This is a braided crown of thorns.
The directions are found on this website.
This Italian woman has an amazing spread of Palm Braiding!
A few other ideas here!
We are very much amatures but we do enjoy it just the same! We save the bits and pieces for our Christmas manger sacrifices for Advent in place of straw.


  1. I may be able to help you with the unknown rock. If you could take some up close pictures or describe it to me (like can you see grains, what size are the grains, texture, where you found it.......). Have to use my Geology degree for something!.
    Julie cat (maryskeys)

  2. Julie does know her rocks! LOL!
    Thank you for finally updating - I was missing my dose of Trinity Acres. BTW, wasn't that water freezing????