July 29, 2007

Beat the Heat

When we built our home we opted to *not* get air conditioning. *gasp* One of the big things we hear quite often is sympathy that we must be near death in the summer. Having a home with an open floor plan, large windows and high ceilings keeps the place comfortable. Few are the irritably-hot days in northern USA... one would be surprised that people can actually get used to warmth! We do however take full advantage of a gas grill. We grill year around and nearly daily in the summer. I grill anything from the usual burgers and steaks to leftovers. I have not tried baking a dessert in there yet! I cannot remember how many (new) grills we have gone through since we were married 12 years ago...

This year we opted for yet an even larger version... not quite *the* largest but pretty big. Here are 3 generations, father, son and grandson, removing the pieces. I only added this one because I don't think I've ever had a picture with all 3 in it! :D

Isn't she a beauty?

May latest experiment has been bread on the grill. The buns turned out pretty good!

Nothing like a smoothie for a cool treat.

When one buys from a food co-op every 8 weeks for 10 people, on occasion there is either shortage or over-abundance of yogurt. So this particular month we tossed many cans into this blender/smoothie maker.

The leftovers we froze, which was a big hit.

However, I might add, that at our old house, we cranked the AC on to about 55 and kept the house nicely frigid all summer long. This is our second summer without AC and it's been only a handful of warm nights and hot-hot days. I still have not decided if I prefer the hot-hot days or the cold-cold days we experience in the winter.... I think I'd take about 70 degrees all the time if I could!


  1. Ughh I don't think I could live without AC. I am ok during the day..our house stays pretty cool. But at night I put that thing as low as it will go. I tell Cla there are two places it can't be cold enough..the car and the bedroom.

    About the smoothies. Do you use plain yogurt? And what do you put in the smoothie??


  2. I have to confess--and I am shocked that this is the case--but we have NEVER owned a grill!!! Every summer, I say I will get one, and then we do not. Your's looks wonderful.

    I love the three generation photo too.