July 21, 2007

Merry Turns Three

Merry turned 3 on June 30th weighing in at 36 pounds a full 3 feet 3 inches tall.

Merry wanted a "bwack" (black) cake for celebrating with Grandma, Grandpa and his Aunt. So we opted for chocolate with chocolate frosting and crushed oreos accompanied with Blue Bunny Tracks ice cream. No one complained about the ugly cake decorating... it tasted just fine! Merry was tickled with the tractor and barn animals.

On his birthday at home he wanted a "boo" (blue) cake. I wandered down the cake aisle (feeling naughty and I will admit that although I prefer home-made-from-scratch food I do like boxed cake mixes). Another lady was pondering the choices so I took the liberty to ask her if there is such a thing as a blue cake. She didn't think so but then snapped her fingers and said she had a recipe at home.... (My thought was I was going to have an email penpal I met in the grocery store!) and she mentioned something about adding jello. Then I remember the cake one of my SILs made for my birthday, it was a very yummy jello cake. So since one naughty food item always leads to another I bought a box of blue jello (ewwww!) But I will admit it did make a mighty tasty "boo" cake. We just added some white cool whip (it was a very naughty cake), blue sugar sprinkles and blue m&m's.

Note: To make a jello cake all you do is mix and bake your favorite white cake. Let it cool completely. Take a small box of your desired flavor/color jello and dissolve in 1 cup of hot water. Poke little holes with a fork all over the cake and gently pour the jello mixture over the top. Be sure to let this cook again completely before adding cool whip on top. If you make this out of strawberry jello you can get strawberry cool whip... if you are feeling naughty this is the way to go! YUM!

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  1. Happy Birthday Merry! You do look merry! Our Laurence would have love your farm cake.