July 1, 2007

Twelve Wonderful Years

On June 24th we celebrated our 12th Anniversary.
from Institute website
Of course we started with Mass. The newly ordained Institute of Christ the King priest, Fr. Matthew Talarico said a first Mass at our parish followed by his blessing. This was the greatest gift we could have been given! The above picture is from the day of his ordination when he blessed the archbishop.
We get home and suddenly Aragorn shouts that the cows are in the fields. Wait a minute.... I'm thinking... we don't have cows here. Our neighbor's cows had gone through the fence. Of course I ran for my camera first before see what I could do to help out!

Here some of them trampling our soybeans.

After that a few of the girls and I went to our neice's 2nd birthday party. Isn't she adorable with her butterfly wings?
This is her beautiful birthday cake! My SIL is very talented.
Then to celebrate, I picked up Biaggi's Italian food for Aragorn and I. YUM! We ate inside and the children ate corndogs outside (They thought they were the ones getting the big treat!)


  1. Very nice wedding picture! Happy belated anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    What a beautiful couple you are!

    Your niece is adorable too!

  3. Happy belated anniversary!!!
    We celebrated 18 years on July 2nd. Time flies when you... lose your mind...err..are having fun!!!
    Love to all,

  4. I think its time for a new post!! :P

    I check everyday and am very disappointed when there is no new posts!!

    PS..going on 12 weeks and all is good!