July 29, 2007

College Alumni Reunion

I was a bit shocked to realize 2007 marks my 20th reunion from high school! I wasn't able to attend that reunion in NY for obvious distance issues! However, the college I attended bought a former retreat center locally. This year they hosted the alumni reunion here which was nice as it was only 1/2 hour from our home! (probably only 15 minutes if we had wings).

I failed to get more than a group picture for both days of the reunion so here are some pictures of the place from back in the spring when we visited.

The buildings are really quite nice and quaint!
There is a lovely pond.
Trails that go through the woods, everyone enjoyed the bridge of course!
This is one of many outdoor shrines.

There is a lovely outdoor Stations of the Cross
The old chapel

Close up at the foot of the Cross
The old historical cemetary.

There is always something neat about a cemetary with very old headstones.... may they rest in Peace.
Of course the reunion was in summer and it was gorgeous all lush and green. Saturday we enjoyed the campus and Sunday was spent at a local state park.