May 5, 2008

10 Years on The Internet

We've been on the Internet about 10 -1/2 years now and we have 229*** user names and passwords... this doesn't count the ones I discarded when we switched from a small notebook to an address book a few years back to store all this precious information in some kind of order. It's no wonder I find it hard to think sometimes. However, my favorite part of the internet is the selection of security questions. They are so secure no one in or out of their right mind could possibly remember what the answers are. "What is the name of your first grade teacher's favorite pet?" I remember the good old days on the internet when all that mattered was that your mother had a maiden name... perhaps maiden names are obsolete.

***make that 330 user names and passwords, I just signed up for a subscription to the lovely magazine mater et magistra

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