May 15, 2008

Mix and Match

The humming Birds are back! We first spotted the ruby throat in April!

Blurry but you get the idea. They are now getting friendly so much so that one sat right on Bilbo's hat on top of his head! Last year we had a picnic and one sat right on someone's plate!

Corn planting. Aragorn also has since planted the soybeans as well.

Sam's on the morel mushroom hunt. They should be ready in the next couple days.

Aragorn is getting ready to put up another windmill so Sam is taking advantage of the pole.

Practicing for a job in the circus.

Sam and Merry talking to each other through the pole and yes they could hear each other whisper.

God, the perfect artist.

Eowyn taking Bilbo for a walk.

This dandelion had 8 heads on one stem!

Mount NeverRest.

Bilbo Bear

The children have this *thing* for lining their critters up on trays. The neatest animals are those Schliech (sp?) animals.

Daddy got a toy.

Just by chance he was the first to respond on a nifty Craigslist find. I was scared to death when I got a ride. But for something so ugly, it is really cute.

To my disappointment I didn't get a shot of Daddy and Frodo zipping by with these silly grins.

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