May 4, 2008

Grassy Patch

My dear children gleefully invited me on a tour of the "Grassy Patch" also known as "Outlaw Camp" (they assured me they were the good kind of outlaws.....) Here is Galadriel holding the gate open for Bilbo and I. And that's Charlie our big dog.

They've been busy clearing paths through the woods.

Tour guides get ahead of slow camera-mom.

Another cleared path

I was told this was the wood pile.

This is the roof of their little house.

Rosie jumping across "the river". (a very dry river)

This is the underside of the roof. Need I say that Sam was the engineer in this intricate roof design?

And this is the house, which I believe Sam just informed me had a roof caving-in thanks to some lovely torential rains we had recently.
This is their bridge.
And this is the other side of where you'd run up from the bridge. (I'm all for children running circles by daylight!)

After Sam had firmly decided all he wanted for Christmas was the hand reel mower, we were at my brother-in-laws house and they had a leaf thingie. So Sam actually had 2 things he really wanted for Christmas and a friend of ours just happened to be ditching this one and Sam confiscated it very gratefully!

This path is in - progress.

And this is their Grassy Patch (this was from several weeks ago when things were still quite brown). I suppose this is the "camp"

Here is their spit where they roast their mutton (wood) plus "cook" and prepare a variety of "food". (A good mother never chuckles her heart out til she gets into the privacy of her own room... I was very good this day)

This tree is part of their kitchen... I just thought it was particularly interesting, it was the works of a woodpecker!


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