May 15, 2008

April Baby

Happy Birthday to me! I'm the April Baby (yes I'm behind on my blogging!) I thoroughly enjoyed the gifts my children picked out this year. Sam came up with the idea that he wanted to buy me something by himself. So he accompanied me to the grocery store. I warned him ahead of time *not* to "hide" the item in his pocket before paying for it (!!!) that I would be sure not to peek. He said later he was so nervous. He bought 2 Snicker's bars and told me that this way Daddy and I wouldn't have to worry about what we would eat on our date that evening! Frodo and Galadriel decided they too wanted in on the shopping so they came with me another time and Frodo opted for a nut roll and Galadriel a big bag of starbursts (she is the one who takes forever to finish her desserts so that they last longer.... we just finished this big bag yesterday!) Eowyn made me a lovely bookmark and the others gave a variety of darling pictures.

In the morning we went with one of my SILs to a park.

I was glad to see "dangerous" playgrounds are coming back in style. Rosie was really whipping around on the spinny-whatcha-ma-jig.

Bilbo's first real swing at a park.
There are always treasures to be found. Frodo found....... a very precious...... broken off part of a dog leash, how much more lucky could he get (let me count the ways)!

Beautiful flowers (of which I cut off the heads!) and cupcakes and lovely homemade cards from cousins along with a delicious pizza lunch. And thank you to all those who sent well wishes and gifties and cards. It was all very much appreciated. Of course the best of all were the Masses said.

Most of the gang.

I kid you not... the day was very warm this APRIL day and the children insisted they go for a swim at our favorite private spot.

A few days later it was snowing.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, my friend!!! I loved the contrasting pictures of your children swimming and the snow that followed...
    Heather - Doodle Acres