July 9, 2008

Lesson Planners

During the summer I try to complete all our lesson plans for the following year. This year I will have 6 in school in grades K-7 *phew*.... plus 3 little *boys*. Should be an interesting year!

This is a picture of the lesson planners I make myself, catered to each child (lest you think I'm overly creative, they are just a simple chart/table though someday I'd like to add some nice clipart). We do a 5 day rotation, the 5th day being our "fun" day (but school is always fun, right?!). 5th day can fall on any week day whether it be a Monday or a Friday.

I don't know how to stick in a Word Doc in this blog so if you want a closer look I can email it to you... I just print them up at Kinkos and have them bound with a different color for each child and a plastic overlay. I can't stand those combed bindings as I am forever breaking them so I go with the spiral binding. They end up costing about the same as a lesson planner but they are catered to *my* children and eliminates the extra writing for me.

I know it would be much easier to just buy pre-made lesson plans but I guess that just isn't my style. I have a knack for re-inventing the wheel. But really, I'm not all that creative, I just pick and choose from already existing homeschools: Our Lady of Victory, Seton, Mother of Divine Grace, etc... But they are still learning just fine. They all did pretty well on the Standardized tests we took in May/June so I guess they are learning something... inspite of the teacher.

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