July 26, 2008

Summer Daze

Deep Water

After yet another bout of heavy rainfall a nearby lake is expanding. So much so that I won't even drive on the "road". We have to take the long way around to get to our swimming spot. I just couldn't get myself to drive through it once it was above ankle deep, I could just picture this giant drowned 15 passenger van with 9 children and a lunatic mother making the papers.

These people had to put sandbags along the edge of the water.

Swimming Spot

We added noodles to our swimming needs.

Now, this I highly recommend if you have an active baby who is always into mischief. From One Step Ahead you can get this nifty pop-up cabana that zips right up. It's been a lifesaver for Bilbo. It's really easy to use and folds down easily... just watch their video on their site a couple times if you aren't a handy type person.

Eleanor with her noodle.

The Cracker Jack Kid-to-be

The Cracker Jack Kids

And what do I do while everyone swims or plays in the cabana... what else? Lesson plans on my lap. (no laptop)

Rosie with her noodle and matching goggles... aren't we fashionable?

The other side of our swimming lake is nearly completely underwater still.

Only we would sit and watch a car driving through just to get a picture for our blog.

We sat again as the car went through the High Water back at the other lake.



Nearly 110 in the direct sunlight. Aragorn said this is cheating... *I* say if the thermometer feels like it is 110 then I will feel like it too! :)

Storm Clouds

Will it or won't it hit my laundry?! Once again we were right on the dividing line of a big storm and no storm.

I have such a fascination with clouds! Incidentally the storm did not hit us but hit part of our fields!


Can you find the family of 3 cranes? Poor picture, it was taken through the screen I think!


Neat or what?

What do you like about summer? YUM!

Happy Birthday, A!

Happy Birthday to our nephew!


Aragorn took the children to the other end of our property to go fishing for weeeee little fishies, just for funsies.

It's getting intense!

We'll try not to eat this one all in one bite.

Bilbo 7 months!

7 months old already

Plump and happy just the way we like 'em. Bilbo now is going up the stairs and rolled down 2 and walks bitty steps around holding on to things.


Another double rainbow (the 2nd one is very light)

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