July 5, 2008

Miscellaneous Memory Makers

Happy 4th of July!

Knee High by the 4th of July (can you see the teensy corn by Pippin's knees?:)

Just a little funsie spread for the table. Since the 4th was a Friday we grilled fish.

The girls made festive lollipops (2 vanilla wafers with peanut butter dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with mini M&Ms)

Merry received some fun poppers from Aragorn's brother's family.

The kids loved them!

Every year Aragorn had always gotten fireworks but it didn't work out this year somehow so here he is trying to light some of the firecrackers Merry received.

Then we realized they were poppers that you pull the strings on!
And if you are wondering about the striped grass, that isn't for festive purposes but that the spray Aragorn received left both corn and grass brown. :( We still have not solved that mystery!

Rosie pulling a popper.

Dad is great...

Galadriel and Pippin

Sacred Heart Garden rose blooming.

One evening when I went to check the boys before I went to bed, I discovered they had played musical beds. Frodo and Merry were sleeping on the floor....

Sam and Pippin in between the bunks.

Swimming with Bilbo.

December babies don't mind cold water.


My girls just love paperdolls.... even the bigger girls.

GARDEN 2 Months later

Bilbo helping....

Here is the garden 2 months after our first plantings.
I discovered I really like Square Foot Gardening.

The squares we put 2 head lettuce plants in came out much larger than the ones we put the recommended 4 plants. (I recommend only 2 plants per square)

This zucchini plant looks very promising. There are 2 wee zucchini's growing.

Fingerling Potatoes... ready to be hilled.

This is Square 1


Chip and the ol' Block working on a new set of solar panels to add to the 62 we already have.

I came back outside to find Sam just lounging on the roof (I guess he was working on some kind of nut or bolt or something).

And you wonder how I could stand and take pictures of my 12 year old climbing on a roof. If you are married to Aragorn long enough this is just common place!

Sweet Peas

Isn't this too cute for words?


Tis mulberry season!


Sam's 3rd year at the wheel.

Hay raking on a rather ancient tractor.

Climbing the bales is the best!

For anyone who did not grow up on a farm (like I didn't) this is the round baler dumping a big bale.

Eleanor perched on a round bale.


Aragorn, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn's brother, nephew and father went on a fishing trip.

Frodo got sea sick :(

This hilarious picture was the light shining through a mountain dew bottle. I don't believe he was actually *this* green in reality!

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