April 18, 2010

Divine Mercy Sunday

One of our local parishes had a very special event for Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11th. This is the 2nd year I volunteered and am very grateful I had the opportunity again.
Poppy was contained in a basket so I could get a few things set up. She was otherwise all over the place!
My friend Alice and I manned the freebie table.

The Procession.

The founder of the Knights of Divine Mercy carried the relic of St. Faunstina.

The image of Divine Mercy.

What an adorable couple! :)

A lovely lady

Fr. Rick, founder of the Knights of Divine Mercy

There is never a lack of arms to hold Poppy!

After we finished cleaning up at the church, I stopped by a friend of mine's house to pick up our bees that her husband so kindly picked up for us.
As I drove in this was the sight that met my eyes. I just could not stop laughing!

Dad straightens up the little man.

The wee little beekeeper.

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  1. Poppy in the basket is so ..... amazingly lovely!