April 8, 2010

Easter and First Holy Communion


We have a little Holy Thursday tradition that was started when I was a child and I picked up with my children in recent years. After Holy Thursday Mass we would go around to the various parishes and visit our Lord in the Altar of Repose.

I heard about Resurrection rolls so we decided to try it. Basically you take a marshmallow that represents Christ, you roll it in melted butter that represents the annointing of the dead body. Then you roll it in cinnamon sugar that represents the burial spices.

Then you roll it up inside cresent dough.
This is the tomb.

Then you bake it. The idea is that the marshmallow melts and then you open it up and there is nothing inside. However, don't use the 50% bigger cresent dough, it doesn't work so well! The cinnamon sugar on top was Eowyn's idea, she said it was dirt on top. when the marshmallows weren't quite done yet the children shrugged and said "Oh, it's alright, it's the linens"

When vanity goes a bit too far!

Easter Sunday was Eleanor's First Holy Communion.

Fr. Pedro had the honor!
Oh happy day for a sweet little lady!

Congratulations to Eleanor and JB, pictured here with Fr. Alex and Fr. Miguel.

Last year a reception at a restraunt across the street from our parish was started with all 7 of our priests (well, one is in Spain) and whoever else wanted to come. This is Fr. John the Entertainer.
Fr. Miguel

Eowyn and AB.


Eleanor and her First communion Doll.

My friend Magnum Opus Bridget would ask what we had to eat :) The idea was an appetizer meal since we would have just gotten back from a big meal and those who hadn't gone to the restraunt would have had a big meal with their families. But it turned into a full meal, of course everyone brought something.

Sprial Cut Ham, Chicken Salad, Buns, Rye Bread Dip, Veggies, Dips, one kind of jello for my friend Lesa in MN who would want to have that if she had been able to come ;) hmmmm what else?
Party Favors. Those little tiny candies are actually little wee teensy doves. Cute or what?

Baby Cousins who have hair! O woe is Poppy.

Scrumptious or what?
So Poppy got a new do since she was the hairless baby.

Naturally, Pippin had to pop in and give Poppy a kiss at a rather inoportune time.

Eleanor and Cousin I.


  1. Great pictures! I was looking forward to seeing them since we missed the party! Next time the babies are all together, Poppy won't have to be the only bald one since Ronan still doesn't have much hair either (though he has a few random long pieces!).

  2. Congratulations and welcome to the table, sweet girl.

    Beautiful photos, Julie - did you make her dress? SO pretty.

  3. Congratulations to Eleanor! (Eleanor is a name I love and have on my list for girls, if husband will ever agree.) And I love those lusciously chubby babies!