April 18, 2010

Just Antics

Why do we call this cute?

A bald baby for a bald baby.

It is very important to note here the tootsie roll wrapper that is carefully hidden under the edge of the couch.....

I'm sure this fine portrayal of Pippin has nothing to do with tootsie rolls.....

Frodo took his trumpet outside to play... mom's idea.... to which the dog joined in howling away.

Mud puppy. Why is this cute?

Pippin is in "server training".

Real practice.
Later this same day the children asked if they could make a chapel in the basement to play Mass and train the little boys. What mother would argue with that?!!

They "built" St. Faustino's chapel, so named after one of our priests, in a little room that never did get an actual purpose but to be the dumping grounds.

I thought they did a surprisingly nice job. This is the later and communion rail.... note, this is also a handy way to store bulk pails!!

Cassocks and surplices



Ski poles.
Ski poles?!

Apparently Poppy had to be taken out of "church" for being a disturber of the peace. Obviously she claims innocence!

Merry and Pippin in training.

During a recent storm we lost 1-1/2 windmill blades.

Poppy 'n spaghetti, a lethal combination. Why do we call this cute?

We tried to get an Easter picture but it wasn't overly successful.


  1. How Precious, especially the bucket and baby pictures in the beginning!

  2. What a crew you have! All of them are beautiful and amazing. I just love their creativity. :)