April 30, 2011

Holy Week and Easter

 Egg Hunt at Grandpa and Grandma's

 Eleanor and Cousin I.
Yes.... snow towards the end of April. 
 Isn't there  a way to get these to stay the way I rotated them?!
 Pysanky Egg Decorating.

 The littler crowd just did the usual egg dying. 

 "Take a pitzer of me and this egg."

 Happy Birthday to me... we enjoyed a cake someone brought over.  YUM.  Being Holy Thursday I figured I'd just get some plain Lorna Doone cookies and wait and have a luscious angel food cake with custard (not frozen) and fresh strawberries... but that is yet to happen as we eat the strawberries too quickly.
 Holy Thursday we did a Sedar Meal of sorts.  Lamb, fruits and nuts, for the "paste" we did peanut butter on flat bread (for manna), bitter herbs and then you ask what is that splotch of red.... well, that is ketchup the "other vegetable"... Next year I hope to add in the scriptural verses. 

I'm not a fan of lamb myself but the children seemed to like it.
 All set for EAster Sunday.... shoes and socks.... what more do you need?  Oh... .right.... a diaper.
 We have a little tradition of hiding the children's easter baskets and tying a string to the basket and weaving a rather intricate 'spider web' of ribbon throught part of the house.  Thankfully Galadriel did all the weaving as I'm sure I'd have gotten caught in the web for good.
 Who needs anything more than a box and a buddy.

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